Thursday, December 31, 2009

new done right

Beautiful photography done proper.
I am now jumping on a plane for San Francisco to ring in the new year West Coast style. I am actually looking forward to seeing some tribal hippies instead of this studded hipster lot...for a hot minute.
Photographer: Ben Hassett

Eve says...

I was thinking along these lines for my party outfit tonight. Thoughts?

via Interplanetarians

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

today I am this

Ernte necklace representing the two sides of lamb.

my cryptonite

 Its incredible what some simple sticks and blown up condoms can do to a photoshoot...such joy. Headpieces will forever be my favorite editorial accessory.
Photographer: Louis Park
Headstylist: Kuni

Tuesday, December 29, 2009


Click here, tre adorable.

milkmaids in space

Photographer Paco Peregrin falls under the TLamb category of "favorites." His aesthetic is fantasmic and I encourage all of you to check his website out.
And the shoot above....outer planet tribal maidens modeling a divine lovely.
Paco Peregrin

Visions in her head

Polish based photographer, Sylwana Zybura aka Madame Peripete brings alot to the table through her experimental high-fashion visions and the shots above are a perfect example.
If Goths wanted a makeover, I recommend they dress this route.

Monday, December 28, 2009

12 point buck

Just when I thought to have seen almost every possible way to do antlers in fashion...this then stops by.
Photography: Louis Park
Styling: Yasuhiro Takehisa

the wonders of

The stylist Nini Gollong, pulled all stops on this Clown in Wonderland shoot. I am adoring the second image with the girl in glasses, such a sweet pea.
Nini Gollong

good vs. bad

the one in black wins, of course.
There are people with cameras and then there is: Eugene Recuenco


This post is supposed to be all about their hairstyles. And, while I do find them incredibly bizarre and cool there is just so much more to these shots that attract the red leather feed bag face thingy, totally wacky and yet... sexy. If H1N1 got any worse, I think that would be my mask of choice.
Hair: Charlie Le Mindu

Sunday, December 27, 2009

whisper me

Hauntingly awesome.
Photographer: James Meaken