Sunday, February 28, 2010


 If I were in medical school, this is what I'd wear to class. The Dsquared skeleton heel for Autumn/Winter 2010.

Saturday, February 27, 2010


This is really tapping into my hipster side.
Huge Magazine
Photographer: Wataru
Styling:Tsuyoshi Noguchi 
via Coute Que Coute

whatcho gonna do?

Its Saturday, get weird.
Photography: Michael Sanders

Friday, February 26, 2010


Oh the haunting and witchy world of Ellen Rogers. These images give me strange chills, like my dead sisters have come to creep the eff outta me while I sleep.
Everything is shot analogue and then experimented with. She is a favorite of TL, posted on her several times. Its refreshing to see grime and imperfections within this digital world.
Photography: Ellen Rogers
Headresses: Tomihiro Kono


SWF looking for fun. Send pic.
Zink Magazine, March 2010
Photography: Herring&Herring


This pretty much sums up the weather that's happening outside my window. If only I had a pack of Huskys to take me to the store to buy some rolling papers and soup...gotta work on that.
Photography: Eugene Recuenco

Thursday, February 25, 2010


There are only a select handful of people that would make me trek out in this snowy weather to meet, Andre Leon Talley and Grace Coddington just happen to be on that list. They were speaking at a bookstore in Union Square on their recent movie "The September Issue," and I received a front row invite to sit in and listen.
Ever since I was a youngster Andre captured my attention. He always had a presence about him that was of strength and it was nice having those thoughts confirmed...I mean, just look at his amazing outfit.

naughty one

Bad girl gone fierce.
Vixen Magazine
Photographer: Elias Wessel


Nothing like a good vintage editorial to start the day right. Thank you J.
The Face Magazine, 1997

bedroom slippers

Perfect for snow, walking around the house and the gym
Designer: Nina Ricci

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

big in Japan

Last week I attended a fashion show at F.I.T that showcased several designers from Japan. It was an explosion of gothic Lolitas, Harajuku love and Japanese pop stars. It was cool seeing all the different fashion Japan has to offer and how crazy their styles can be. Kawii desu ne!
Tokyo Fashion Festa

And in spirit of Japan and all its cute anime, I am posting this video below. Found via

EMXXYcam from Pamela Reed + Matthew Rader on Vimeo.


Meet the new harness.
Etsy: IHeartNorwegianWood

Lucent Dossier

There is a special crew in Los Angeles that creates an experience which will sweep you away in their  performance. They have brought a breath of fresh underground air to the meaning of circus and they travel the world with their magic. Even Vogue has picked them up for a photo shoot as their costumes are dreamy and totally awesome. Others can try and copy but there will only be one...
Lucent Dossier.
Photographer: Daniel Jung

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

biscuits n butter

Femme En Fourrure - Plump Bisquit from miikka lommi on Vimeo.
So lately I have been completely obsessed with this director, Miikka Lommi. I posted a video he did a while back and I just had to show another one of his works. This time he made a creation for the Finnish duo Femme En Fourrure and I must say, it got my biscuit going. I also attached a few of the stills because they deserve much more than just a quick screening.
There really isn't much out there on Miikka Lommi so if you do have any cool information or videos to share, send them my way. In the meantime, you can go to vimeo and watch a lot of his videos there.

spiked punch

Custom made gloves for Adam Lambert when he attended The Blondes fashion show this NYFW. Just imagine how handy those spikes could be for so many different things.
image via

beginning to an end

Patrizio Di Renzo is slaying my brain. A few posts back I highlighted one of his shoots and I just couldn't resist to show you another. Gawd, just LOOK at how incredible this editorial is, everything about it screams amazing. My fantasies just got even more grandiose (insert huge sigh).
I am about 99% sure that the makeup is done by legendary artist Kabuki, who is also a master of his trade.
Styling by: Patrick Hausermann
Photographer: Patrizio Di Renzo