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Something from mens fashion week worth posting about, geeesh, I was about to have a melt down. God this is good.
Mugler by Nicola Formichetti FW11
via jak&jill

5 point

Man, I have seen my share of antlers in fashion over the years but I have never seen them in such a killer way. This shoe designer rocks my world, I posted on him a while back but thanks to a TL reader I revisited his site and landed on these wicked beauties.
Designer: Masaya Kushino
Thx Karl.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011


Photographer: Taka Mayumi


Actually, its a pefume ad.
M/M collaboration with Byredo

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girl next door

My ideal hot neighbor.
Pulled from RatBones Flickr, whomever that might be.

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I cant stop looking at the nails!
Photographer: Otilee